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Next Play 360° STEM Summer Camp

This is a full-day program that teaches science, technology, engineering, and mathematics to students of all ages in a fun and engaging way. Each year, our STEM camp is offered for one week in June, and one week in July. During camp, we provide an introduction to math and science using hands-on experiences with STEM activities at an early age to give the youngest students (in elementary school) a distinct advantage.


For older students, we reinforce many of the concepts that they may have already been exposed to during the school year.  However, within our camp, these concepts are explored with a new lens that inspires curiosity to expand learning. Our creative activities also help campers realize how STEM disciplines can simplify human lives and everyday conveniences.


These camp experiences help students to begin envisioning themselves in a career in the IT, science, engineering, and mathematics spheres.

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Next Play 360° Mixed Camp

This is a full day multi-sports experience for youth in grades k-12.  The primary purpose of our mixed camp is to immerse kids in specific skill developments for their chosen sport. This is a fun time for beginners who are learning basic skills and need a solid foundation to carry them forward. Our sports camps are also an excellent refresher for more advanced players to hone existing skills while learning new techniques.

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