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What is Next Play 360?

We are a nonprofit organization dedicated to using sports to advance STEM disciplines for underrepresented K-12 students in Cobb County, GA.  Next Play STEM Basketball is a program of Next Play 360° that features afterschool and summer camps to engage students in athletics, leadership, and academics by integrating STEM fundamentals (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics).  In doing so, our program helps student athletes understand the science behind the sport so that they become as competitive in the classroom as on the court. Key elements of the program include weekly after school STEM educational clinics along with out-of-school-time camps that is equal parts education, physical activity, and fun.

A hallmark of our program is the use of hands-on learning strategies that are engaging, personal, and enjoyable for students of all grade levels, which motivates them to fully immerse themselves in the STEM fundamentals behind the game of basketball.

What are we doing?

Next Play 360° youth basketball program uses innovative solutions that directly support the development and maintenance of a diverse, world-class STEM workforce by increasing opportunities for underrepresented students to learn about, experience, and to use sports as a vehicle to promote STEM interest and education.  Our model focuses on developing student STEM identity to increase achievement and engagement in broader STEM opportunities.  As such, our fusion of youth sports with sports science and analytics has opened a new gateway for student athletes that have been newly introduced to STEM within the arena of sports – where no former interest or appeal for STEM previously existed.


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