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Next Play STEM Academy

Next Play STEM Academy offers after-school programs providing access to our sports science clinics for students enrolled in Cobb County, GA elementary, middle, and high school one day per week, per group, respectively.  After-school gym hours are 4:00pm to 8:00pm Monday-Friday.  Sports science (instructional) clinics are 90 minutes in duration and include a curriculum with lessons in: STEM sports education and physical activity. 

Physical activity is multi-faceted and includes drills, scrimmage, free play, games and competitions.  


  • Drill blocks are used to work on player shooting, passing, dribbling and defense.

  • Scrimmage blocks are for team integration of the skills, using a 3-on-3 league, control scrimmage, or team practice.

  • Free play is when we have several activities being conducted and the players could choose which one they would want to take part in.

  • Competition training is done for practical application of the teaching, where players enact what they were taught in a higher intensity environment. 

Image by Sabri Tuzcu

STEM Sports Education

Using sports analytics facilitates improvements in self-perception and attitudes toward science topics and careers in STEM.  


STEM Sports Education includes:

  • Understanding the role of sports analytics within basketball

  • Understanding how to apply math and science to improve basketball

  • Understanding the contents of a basketball on the molecular level and how temperature affects play.

  • Engineering their own shooting apparatus to explain some of Sir Issac Newton’s Laws of Motion. 

  • Teaching students how to calculate their own field goal percentage

  • Evaluating the changes that basketball shoes have made over time and why

  • Understanding how to use sports analytics to improve their own training.

  • Understanding body ergonomics

We use sports to promote interest in STEM education

Program Eligibility and Access

The program is opened to Cobb County, GA school K-12 students of any skill level or ability who show drive and commitment.  Parents (or primary caregivers) must complete an application for enrollment for their student. 

The afterschool program accepts up to 48 students at a time on a rolling basis throughout the school year. 

The total number of afterschool students per the elementary, middle, and high school categories are 16 students per school category, respectively. Targeted resources are reserved for recruiting low-income students into the program (e.g. students that are eligible for free or reduced lunch). 


We will offer two STEM Camps:

  • One in June

  • One in July


Our STEM Camp capacity is 16 campers per week, for a total of 32 STEM campers each summer.

We will also offer two Mixed Camps, one in June and one in July. Our Mixed Camp capacity is 50 campers per week, for a total of 100 Mixed Camp campers each summer.

Program Location


Next Play 360° STEM Basketball and Summer Camp is located at:

390 Canton Rd., Marietta, GA 30066


Program Hours 

Next Play 360° STEM Basketball after-school program follows the Cobb County school calendar.  The program runs August through May, adhering to school breaks during the year.  After-school instructional time is 90 minutes within the hours of 4:00pm and 8:00pm

  • Elementary School: 4:00pm to 5:30pm, one day each week.

  • Middle School: 5:30pm to 7:00pm, one day each week.

  • High School: 4:00pm to 5:30pm, one day each week.


Next Play 360° STEM and Mixed Summer Camp programs are offered during the second week of June and the second week of July each year.  Camps are Monday – Thursday from 8:00am to 5:00pm. 



Program Costs

After-school fees are $20 per child per week. Maximum of 48 students.

Summer camp fees are $150 per child per week. Maximum of 132 students.



Elite Training fees are as follows:

  1. Basic training = $75/month

  2. Advanced training = $200/month

  3. Elite training = $300/month

  4. League play = $200/player/season

Coaches, Tutors, and Mentors

Next Play 360° coaches, tutors and mentors are experienced and trusted adults that help students develop their inner strength and capacity for growth and maturity.  Our mentors are members of our internal team or members recruited from the community. 


Community mentors must complete a written application, pass a criminal background check, provide two personal references, and undergo an interview with at least 2 of our Board members before joining our team. 

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